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Marketing Consultant

Inbound Digital Marketing Consultant:

Justin Miller is an experienced Marketing Consultant with a passion for creative engagement and community building. He’s available for a range of marketing and design consulting projects and has experience building full-scale and cost-efficient marketing programs for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Justin began his career in the Political Marketing space where he helped modernize local campaigns through digital media. After the ’08-09 campaign cycle, he moved on to the business services and software industries where he has garnered years of experience growing, and supporting innovative companies through both digital and traditional marketing strategies.

Justin has worked across multiple industries from business services, and financial,  to early stage tech startups, and big data/machine learning.

In 2011, Justin helped create Tech in Motion, a national Technology event/networking series with over 50,000 members that holds events monthly across 10 cities in North America.

Justin has written articles for sites like Mashable, Bullhorn, and ERE.net, and spends time with early stage startups at MassChallenge mentoring young entrepreneurs on all things marketing.

Justin holds a bachelors degree in Communications. In his free time when he’s not busy consulting for local businesses, the recruitment industry or technology startups, he enjoys walks along the harbor with his Corgi named Franklin, or tinkering with gadgets at his townhouse in downtown Salem, MA much to the behest of his fiancee, Diana.

Full-Scale Marketing

  • WordPress Website Development

    We won’t sugarcoat it, it’s imperative that your business stands out online, and the best way to do that is through your website.

    A website is easily the most important thing for a business to have now a days, so if it’s been a few years/decades since you last updated your site, let’s talk about how we can help change that!

    One of the coolest aspects of the sites we build is the ability for our clients to manage them after we’re done. We’ve found a number of businesses outsource their website development to an agency and have no idea how to edit or update their sites. We avoid that by building websites on the popular WordPress platform and provide easy to follow documentation on how to do basic things like post blogs, edit pages, and update settings.

    Of course, we’ll stick around for as long as you need us too, we always have time for our loyal clients!

  • Email Marketing

    Every day you talk to clients/customers, maybe some aren’t ready to do business yet, but will be soon. What are you doing to keep your brand present of mind?

    Email is a fundamental marketing tool, but a lot of businesses don’t utilize it to its full potential, or worse, some aren’t using it at all!

    Our team builds very strong email campaigns around your business needs and provides actionable data to help you find clients/customers that are ready to act.

  • Analytics

    As a marketing guy, I live, breathe, and die by metrics. It’s how we learn which marketing strategies work and which ones don’t.

    Spending too much on advertising and not sure if you’re getting the right ROI? We can help.

    Not sure how many visitors you’re getting to your site or where they’re coming from? We got you.

    There’s a ton of data out there, and no matter how big or small your business is, you’re probably not getting the whole story. Let me help you put things into perspective!

  • SEO

    Did you know Google and other search engines have tiny web robots called “Crawlers” that are programmed to browse websites for different keywords, tags, and structures? It’s what helps them deliver the best possible search results to their users and it’s incredibly intricate.

    We can dig into your website’s code and provide SEO suggestions to help Google find and deliver your services to the right users.

    Google’s search algorithm is always changing, so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends in web crawling. We can provide the education to help you get more exposure, and who doesn’t want that?

  • Social Media

    I have extensive experience building and managing social media programs for brands both large and small. I can create and run campaigns that will help grow your brand in your local community and provide tools and easy to follow training on how to become social media stars in your space.

Let’s Get a Conversation Started:

What People are Saying

“Justin Miller is much more than a “marketing guy.” He’s a marketing wizard throwing bolts of money making magic around the office. His strategies, ideas and tactics tie content to demand generation in ways most of tend to overlook. He’s fun to work with, challenging to debate with and always ready to work. And if you get a chance, ask to see his live feed camera of his dog. You won’t regret it.”

Graeme Noseworthy
Graeme NoseworthyContent and Media at IBM

“Justin is an extremely talented young marketing guy with a bright career ahead of him. He’s innovative, resourceful, and completely reliable in everything he does.

Justin single-handedly spurred our company’s metamorphosis from social-media nobodies to well-recognized industry leaders in using social to drive growth and value.

He was constantly coming to me with fresh ideas to make our marketing effort (and our business) stronger, and I knew that anything that had Justin’s name attached to it was something that I no longer had to worry much about. I’d hire Justin again in just about any marketing capacity, definitely.”

Brock Bair
Brock BairCMO at Smart Lunches

“Justin is a rare marketing find – someone who knows how to drive revenue from marketing content and activities. His relentless focus on revenue makes him continuously seek to measure, execute and refine. He’s self-motivated and has a “let’s get it done” attitude that makes him a winner and natural leader.”

Michele Chambers
Michele ChambersChief Marketing Officer at Continuum Analytics, Inc.

“Justin has been a breath of fresh air to an already amazing organization. He not only brings new ideas to the table but he executes on them and is not afraid to fail. He’s a true entrepreneur and his spirit is contagious.
Looking back on where the company was at before Justin started with us and looking at it today, you can see the tremendous impact he’s had on our social media presence, our branding efforts and the experience clients have with us.”

Tim Yandel
Tim YandelVP of Sales at Boomtrain

“I have had the pleasure of working with Justin for the better part of 3 years and he has been a pleasure to work with from the beginning. His work ethic and attention to detail in regards to not only our online brand, but also to the people that work with him is unmatched. Justin is really second to no one in my opinion and is a vital part to not only my brand management but our entire company brand.”

Cory Eustice
Cory EusticeTalent Director at Hart Inc.

“Justin is a gem of a man. He is full of creative and unique ideas and most importantly recognizes the right way to socialize them to the business and get them implemented. Justin is fun to work with and always has a great sense of humor as well as a penchant for social media.”

Sloane Barbour
Sloane BarbourRegional Director at Jobspring Partners

“Justin is fun to work with. That may sound like a simple recommendation, but in this case and when you consider being successful fun, it is the highest praise possible. Working with Justin is easy, feels like you’re communicating at a high-level with a friend, and always generates results. That having been said, he is professional, organized, detailed oriented, and is able to predict and deliver on all things related to social media, marketing, user experience (customer), and business. He always brings great ideas to the table while welcoming those of others; an ultimate team player who has the ability to accomplish great feats independently too.”

Erin Wilson
Erin WilsonTalent Engineer at Yahoo

“Justin has been my Marketing Manager long distance for over a year now. Being a manager is hard enough, let alone when you add in 3,000 miles. Justin has been nothing short of stellar, allowing me the tools and knowledge to grow and prosper as a Marketing Specialist. Never shy to share helpful insight into the industry, Justin is not only passionate about marketing and improving our brand, but consistence in his drive and determination to make things happen. Any brand is lucky to have Justin vying and developing it’s marketing strategy.”

Elizabeth Clark
Elizabeth ClarkDigital Marketing Solutions Strategist & Event Manager

Social Media

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