5 Steps to Mastering Tech Networking Events

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Successfully navigating tech industry networking events can be difficult, whether you’re a startup founder searching for the right talent, a developer looking to advance your career or an enterprise HR representative. Chances are, what worked five years ago won’t work in today’s plugged-in environment.

More and more, local tech events and Meetups are popping up around the world, and it’s now common practice for many people within the industry to end the workday by heading out to the “Meetup du jour.” These tech events have become extremely popular, presenting convenient opportunities to meet people that can help expedite your job search.

Read my article on Mashable for a few tips for getting yourself — or your company — noticed and remembered (in a good way) by the folks you meet.

Read “5 Steps to Mastering Tech Networking Events” on Mashable.com

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