Winning the Content Marketing Game with $100 or Less a Month

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With the explosion of web-enabled smartphones in the early 2000s, people now consume content on a seemingly 24 hour basis. Social media has given people the ability to curate and share content however they see fit. Gone are the days of needing to buy a newspaper, or having to thumb through a magazine in line at the supermarket to see a celebrity’s latest photoshoot.

People can now access content when they want, wherever they want, so how do brands reach audiences in a way that can A) convert and B) provide value to their demographic?

For a long time, marketers relied on PPC advertising and SEM to get in front audiences. Now, with the emergence of content marketing, there’s no shortage of ways to spend marketing budget. However in my experience working with brands, I’ve noticed that content marketing programs can often become a case of missed opportunity. It’s important to realize that not every successful marketing strategy needs a hefty amount of marketing dollars to make it successful. Sometimes, it’s all about being a Marketing MacGyver.

With that in mind, read my post on for five budget-friendly tips to consider when building out your content marketing strategy

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